Concerned Relatives Documents and Responses

In the spring of 1977, a group of defectors from Peoples Temple gathered to organize against Jones. The group began a multi-pronged effort to expose what they saw as the excesses and abuses of Jim Jones and others in the Temple. Several of them were interviewed for the devastating expose of Jones by Marshall Kilduff entitled “Inside the Peoples Temple,” published in August 1977. Below are some of the primary documents produced by the Concerned Relatives along with responses from Peoples Temple from the Agricultural Project in Guyana. The transcripts for most of this material can be found at the Alternative Considerations of Jonestown and Peoples Temple site.

Accusation of Human Rights Violations by Rev. James Warren Jones against our Children and Relatives at the Peoples Temple Jungle Encampment in Guyana, South America – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-II20-II32

Exhibit A: Letter to Congress – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-II1-33 || Better copy at 89-4286-MM-1-27

Exhibit B: Affidavit of Yolanda D. A. Crawford Showing the Teachings and Practices of Rev. James Warren Jones in Guyana, South America – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-II1-34-37

Exhibit C-1: Affidavit of Steven A. Katsaris – An Account of Some of My Experiences with People’s Temple Church when I Attempted to Visit My Daughter in Guyana – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-II1-38-46

Exhibit C-2: Telegram Confirmation of Message from Steven Katsaris to Maria Katsaris from September 1977 – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-II1-47

Exhibit C-3: Letter from Maria Katsaris to Steven Katsaris – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-II1-48-55

Exhibit D: Letter from 15-year old Donna Ponts to her Grandmother – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-II1-56

Exhibit E: Letter from the Betty Oliver to children in Jonestown – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-II1-57-60

Exhibit E-1: Letter from Bruce Oliver to his parents – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-II1-59-60

Exhibit E-2: Letter from William Oliver to his parent – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-II1-60

Signatures of Petitioners for Elimination of Human Rights Violations in Guyana by Rev. James Jones – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-II1-60-64

Summary Listing of Relatives in Jonestown, Guyana – Transcript || Annotation || 89-4286-II1-66-67