Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-EE1-AB21 (annotation)

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Dear Dad

I Shirley Baisey is basing a lots of my guilt on being an unfit mother to my children. I feel that they were not brought up in the right environment, nor do they have the right home training. I spent money selflessly on clothes, food, drinks, dope, a night out on the town, money on so called friends and relatives. One of my most treasonist guilts is the time my sister and I were living communal and went to L.A., during the time we were there we got our welfare checks. Both total $750.00 we did not turn it into the commune, we spent money on the following things stated early in the letter. Also records and jewelry were bought that I we didn’t need in the first place. I used to run around with men outside the cause to bars and night clubs, plus I haven’t been following your rules as close as I should have and I thouht many times about leaving, but now I am glad that I am here in Jonestown.

I am going into Georgetown to help show the many talents of our people and to show the people of Guyana that we like freedom as much as they do.

Thank you dad,

Shirley Baisey