Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-EE1-C-21 (annotation)

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I hesitated to write this letter, but decided to any way. If there is a group or a few people sent somewhere to fight I would like to be involved in it. This is a very beautiful country but I can’t really say I enjoy living. I dread the thought of living on and on for years. I don’t mean this to sound suicidal because it isn’t meant to. There were times in the past when I considered suicide, but not now – at least not for no reason. Even when living in Ohio and before listening to you I thought about death. You’ve kept me alive these many years.

Anyway – if I had my choice I would rather die at an early age – and for a reason. There are really no ties binding me. I have no children and no companion. Nat will have Pat when she gets here and Stephanie will have Doxsee. In view of this, It would be somewhat easier for me than for some others.

So, if the opportunity arises, please consider my request.

Thank you.
Sharon Cobb
A jail sentence would not matter either.