Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-EE1-C-33 (transcript)

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To: Dad

Fr: ANGELA CASANOVA and Georgianne Brady

Dad: I have a few ideas about defending our selves.

  1. I think that us children should be trained as the Jr Sat just like china has little red Guards we could carry messages and fight to defend our land.
  2. Since Guyana wants this part of the land I think we should threaten to be Venezuelans and maybe they will do anything to keep us here and then we could ask for a treaty saying that they will leave us alone. Over
  3. Maybe when the enemies are having a meeting some of us could go in their and go CRAZY on them. Get gasoline wickes and throw it in on them.
  4. We could have a big group of people go out during the night sometime and break up into groups of 3 and go to different enemies houses and kill them in a way that they can suffer.
  5. Im not afraid of death because you have brought me from the states which was death anyway. Im willing to do ANYTHING that is needed to bring communism; set myself on fire, put a bomb on me and run in to some honkeys or even fight for our land that you have got us.