Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N-1-B-3 (annotation)

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12/14/77     Here is my idea how to handly the enemy.

I think that we could kill one of the Mertle’s are someone of them that was involved, how I think it could be done is we could get someone no in the church that would do anything for us and let them kill one of them for us so we could make them scared of us, let them no were not scared of them and are willing to do anything we have to to keep our people and are freedom . The person doing the job could set it up to look like someone else did.
Dad I’m willing to go back to the states just to kill a few of them especially Mr. ________ Dad I don’t want to go back for my own reason, I hate the place but I would to see that Mr. ______ and some others get a taste of there own medicine!!

How to deal with the enemy