Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-A19 (annotation)

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I feel it would be most effective and demoralizing to our enemies if one of the key traitors would dissappear totally and without a trace. This could be accomplish[ed] with a few people a rented ram and some rugs like the “Tupamaros” did in the film we saw. Just come up behind, blackjack him, wrap him in a rug and drive off.

Another approach along the same line would be to get an ambulance some white uniforms and either blackj[ack] him or manhandle him into a straight jac[ket] and give him a quick sedative. People who witness the pick up are less likely to question or interfere if they think we’re just picking up another “loony”.

I am willing to volunteer to assassinate as many traitors as possib[le] by rifle or poison or any other means and to committ revolutionary suicide before apprehension. I feel with a little training I would stand a good chance to get one or two before removing myself. If I could get to a conference of traitors I could detonate myself in their midst and get rid of more.

Thank you Dad

Peter W.