Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-A21 (transcript)

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To Dad

Re Strategy-Fantasy or Feasible?

From Carolyn Looman

I have always felt I ought to be able to infiltrate the traitors either for further intelligence about them or to set them up for destruction or to expose them as conspirators with inside facts, or to actually (& gleefully) do them in.

This has always seemed like a fantasy because I’m not in a position to be entrusted with such a task, nor I am I shrewed enough to figure it out- or enact it. But, because it’s devastating to hold back the offer, I’m just saying for the record, & truly meaning it.

Because of my outrageous action in Georgetown, I suppose I could approach the Myrtles to see Patricia & without saying much at all, lead them to believe I was through with the Temple. Leaving it to them to encourage me to act like a traitor, & to aid & abet them. (I’m sure they think I’m weak)

I suppose there might also be some intelligence to be gained thru my brother who would only have to know that I still believed in socialism but was through with the Temple (no reason given and curious to dream more of what had gone on in the last so many months.

Again, I know this is a fantasy but have it, knowing the risks involved would be nothing compared to the awesome debt I owe you & this cause—for all the good you’ve done & all the treachery I’ve committed.