Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-A3 (annotation)

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Dear Dad,

I’d be willing to go back to the states and take care of any enemy you choose.
I feel I’d be a good operative to perform this task. First of all, of all the people here in Jonestown I’m probably the one of the most expendable because I’m a very unskilled in work and as you know I’m not all that happy being here even though working with Cleme has improved my attitude somewhat.

Second, I’m sick of living and would have any problems creating committing suicide after getting rid of the enemy.

I think most people consider me stupid and weak minded but I know how to use a handgun from my security job in San Francisco and as you say they perhaps wouldn’t suspect my being an assassin because they think of me as being too innocous a person to do such a thing.

I have my motivation for wanting to do this. People like Stoen Mertles and the things they’ve done are the cause why you would I can’t go back to the U.S. and see my family and I hate them for that as weak as for the lies they’ve told about you and the troubles they’ve caused for the black people young & old here who suffered so much.

At one time a couple months ago you asked me if I’d be willing could be trusted to go back to the States and do a mission and I said honestly “probably not” because I thought I might get off the plane and head for Illinois & my family but since my mom has passed away I don’t have that desire much anymore and I feel I could be trusted to do the job. Other people who really love Jonestown should stay here and build it up and let me go back. I know you can think up a good plan of action and believe I can carry it out.


Tom Partak