Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-A41 (transcript)

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Step 1 these four people run off for G.T. with there passport and three Hundred be-tween them and they stole some paper of very importance and run off to Port of Spain and then to New York. I would do it this way. Go to Mimi Drine across the country to meet them some place that we could set up. I do not know if my child could be count on to help in any way and we would need Jean Brown and Leona help on the other end. I will get Janie Mill – and here children and I know that Grace will be Look for someone else and she will be fun and run right to us and the money that they give us will bring us back. I know the suit of $500,000 if I had a change of heart and try to help either before they leave the state. I think that we should to stay in Mimai apart get away and there is a change that our boat could be near by to help us out and I think that any one go do this kind of job should make a park that if any one try to run kill here or him.

There is more, Ruby Carroll

[Side of paper]

Ruby Carroll and 3 others to do this job and come back here Diane Lunquist sister would be better