Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-A58 (annotation)

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I am another one that Lambrev-Forman thought of as an easy prey. I volenteered to go back earlier. I am still prepared to go.

My personal vengence would be with Gary but I would try to kill Mertles & Stones – try to set up a “meeting” & blow the fuckers to hell!

I still think I could disguise it with a cover of a sexual triangle to keep the church “clear” –  that is a revenge trip. I wrote up a more elaborate discription before. This note is merely a reminder.

In fact – several white nites later – I’m even more prepared to do it. I’ve had enough since I’ve been here to make this life worth living & enough of your example to break thru my fears.

Teresa King

P.S. I have no children here –  no legal tangles – having had cancer already there’s no reason to believe in a long life – not to mention the constant plotting of the capitalist pigs against us.

If I were to do it. I would supposedly “escape” from here – and ask for Lambrev’s help. People here could be told whatever – in case there’s a leak from here.