Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-B2 (transcript)

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Dear Dad:

My paranoia jumps to the fore when I hear someone recommend we try violence before be get the rest out of there – Thinking of Glass House Tapes, etc., way every group has gone down — we certainly are no match for their arms — And it might get the temple set on fire which might be okay if we didn’t lose lives– and if we are insured — H[arsh] area — which I am not certain at this point! We have the likes of Wanda’s son — etc — who’d be easily stirred to violence – we might lose friends.

I’d rather sell all at a loss; get everyone out– then send 3 back “in disguise” to knock off the rotters–

Unless it could “look” like an accident– I am leary — We are indeed in for it here — one way or another – Mafiosa is conditioned Against communists and we are now avowed Marxists–

Gary could use it to rationalize his own treasonous thots and sell out — I am leary!

Comrade Tish