Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-B21 (annotation)

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RE: the murder of CHRIS LEWIS

If we could get the interest of one of the investigative reporters who have written positively on our behalf concerning the conspiracy to write (and get in print) the story of Chris Lewis and his connection with P.T.. outlining the trial in S.F., (some of the extenuating circumstances involved such as foul-play in WAPAC how J.J. paid his his attorney, how members attended his trial (all of this because of the generosity he had given to our Xmas project. How he helped in our drug re-hab p[unreadable-Looks like program] and acted as a big-brother (& counselor) to many wayward youth.

This may be way-off, but I thought that it could act as a rebuttal to the accusation that he worked “drug-traffic” .

The information about foul-play and WAPAC should be on record as evidence in the trial because it was definitely discussed (and Chris’s attempts to stand in the way of it) during the course of the trial.