Dear Dad Letter – 89-4286-N1-B23 (transcript)

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In the 16 years of this life I’ve learned that the only reason to live or die is communism.  I pledge myself to you and communism until I die.

I am very sorry for what happened to Chris, but in my heart It only makes me that much more ready to die, killing our enemy- Capitalism.  I feel so much hate towards those that have started the conspiracy against us.  In my heart I am will(ing) to do anything to repay those who are responsible.  Even if it means going back to the facist U.S.

I am willing to do anything that if fesible I’d like to get into explosives.  If possible could (unreadable) and Information be gotten (unreadable) U.S., so some one could start reading and self learning.

I feel the time to show at those that have left, that we are not going to run with out tails between our legs. But are going to turn with our Teeth bared and claws ready.

With all my respect,

Don Casanova