Edith Roller – August 9, 1975 – Saturday

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I got up at 9.00.

I left the apartment before 10.00. I bought gas and had the oil, water and tires of my car checked.

I drove to Bay Street to shop at the new Coop which opened this week, a branch of the Berkeley Coop. I didn’t know exactly where it was and drove back and forth quite a while, as I expected to see an open parking lot and a Coop sign. The store occupies space in the Akron Building a block from Cost Plus. It is fully stocked and has ample parking on the roof of the building. At tables in front of the store were volunteers to explain Coop methods. I bought fruits, juices and buttermilk for the diet I am going on next week and the usual groceries for the following week.

On the way back I delivered salad materials to the Temple for Sunday. I gave a ride to Jerry [Gerry] Bailey and her sister; they had been to Los Angeles with Jim for Thursday and Friday services there.

I unloaded groceries and put them away.

I ate the rest of the cheese blintzes prepared Thursday night.

I cleaned the apartment.

I took an hour’s nap.

I dressed for the Temple service. I called Magnolia but she wasn’t home. I left for the Temple about 8.00.

I arrived about 8.15. The service was just beginning.

Jim said the enemy has retreated. Pressure on advertisers in the media had been responsible.

L. C. Inghram is in bad condition (probably he had a heart attack). He had been warned to lose weight and avoid sex. He lay eight hours without medical treatment; his partner was too worried about her reputation to call anyone.

A tape of a question period from last night’s service in Los Angeles was played. The first question concerned the degorification [deglorification] of Stalin.  Jim said, don’t talk to me about Stalin’s mistakes. He described the courage with which Stalingrad was saved. The second question was about the difference between socialism and communism. Jim got on to the subject of the Pentecostal Christians. They’re the greatest sham. There is no milk there. They’ve got more whore-mongering preachers than anyone else. The overwhelming number of Jim’s followers are former Baptists.

Capitalism has led us to the brink of nuclear war and concentration camps. We can’t afford not to go the road to communism.

Dr. Carlton Goodlett had offered to take him to see some socialist countries.

Jim spoke on cooperation of the Temple with the Nation of Islam.

Jim took questions from our congregation. Wesley Johnson asked why there was so much torture among all peoples. Jim said: It comes with capitalism. It is a system of dog eat dog. Socialism uses work camps to reform its opponents. Socialists believe in the human mind; capitalism believes everybody is mean. He advised us: Never let them take you to prison; make them kill you.

Another question: How was the world created?  Jim responded: A dumb ass question. Did you ever hear me on the buzzard? Either I’m a terrible teacher or you’re a terrible listener.

Another question: About Mrs. Gandhi, was it necessary to kill all those people?  Jim: She didn’t kill anyone. The CIA was about to take over the country. She threw them out. The same thing is going to happen in Portugal. I think she’s too merciful. Our newspapers tell lies. The press was only opposed to Nixon because he was out to get them.

I don’t believe in any sons-of-bitches congressmen. How did some of these people get in here tonight (referring to visitors admitted by the greeting committee)?

Jim went through his Bible, Jesus and Mary, and buzzard stories with cussing, regretfully, as he had intended to dismiss the service early.

Jim revealed that Danny Kutulas had deserted. He knew how close we were to destruction, wanted to save himself. He caused Jim a heart attack; he was under oxygen for two hours. Every white person who hasn’t known poverty must fast for five days.

Inspired by us, the Muslims gave Reverend Ike a hard time in Chicago.

The service ended with healings and a call to the altar. The service was out about 2.00 o’clock.

Kaye Gibbs was Staying at Magnolia’s during the week and was returning there. No one was assigned to me for housing.

Sylvia Grubbs looked at my head and Debbie Evans removed the bandages which had been put on it. Only a little tenderness is evident.

I took home Valor, Contonia and Kaye (to Magnolia’s). I had a little difficulty finding a parking place.

I ate some watermelon and cheese snacks. I read the Saturday paper.

I went to bed at 5.00.