Edith Roller – August 18, 1975 – Monday

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Showers had fallen during the night and the weather was misty all day.

John is on vacation today. His new secretary, a black girl, entered on duty but I didn’t meet her.

I filed some papers in Carol’s reference books. Otherwise I had little work to do. I wrote the weekend’s journal entries.

Carol is going to be back to take care of final details, and the attorneys are giving a lunch for her on Wednesday. Nicci was resentful because the secretaries were not invited. She suggested to me that we plan one for her, inviting the secretaries and file room staff. I agreed and Nicci discussed the plan on the phone with Carol who was pleased. This morning Nicci and I cleared it with Betty Vasil, because some say there is a rule against socializing between attorneys and non-professional staff. Betty, however, liked the idea, especially that we were inviting all department secretaries; she was concerned only that we not take too long at lunch. Nicci circulated an invitation and will arrange for the food at a Chinese restaurant she knows. The event is to be on Friday.

After eating my lunch at my desk, I borrowed Marie’s Muni pass and went to Macy’s. Berkshire is having their annual hosiery sale. I buy little clothing new except stockings. I got six pairs for $7.35 including tax. I bought a swimsuit for the Mexican trip, as I have had my old one for years. The one I bought is a two-piece light blue one. Macy’s was having a sale, and I got the suit, originally priced at $22.00 for $15.00. With tax it was $15.95.

I did not exercise tonight, as all those going on the Mexican trip were supposed to register at the Temple at 7.00. I prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes as quickly as I could. I needed some fruit for the rest of the week, went to the Farmer’s Market and bought a honeydew melon and a cantaloupe.

I put the car in the Temple parking lot, as the San Francisco police are on strike and I was nervous about leaving it on the street. I arrived in the Temple about 7.30. To my surprise, few people had come for registering for the Mexican trip. Some others were getting their physical examination forms filled out. I was told the staff was not ready with the Mexican plans. I sat down and read Wilson, finishing his book, To the Finland Station. (I am, however, going to read it through again.)

I talked to Lisa Layton while we waited. Finally the staff (secretaries and nurses) were ready and we had to fill out numerous forms. Debbie Evans took my blood pressure again and it was 135 over 80, as when Dr. Fudgen took it. I was all but through. The last step was to arrange for payment for the trip. The charge is to be $200 for adults and the secretaries had obviously been told to be tough about collecting before the trip. I told Leona Collier I had given Lou Veather Davis $300 for the Hawaii trip. Leona told me the payment was not transferable to the Mexican trip. She and Janet Shular said an announcement to this effect had been a part of a Temple message. I thought they must have misinterpreted instructions. It would not be fair to bar me from the Mexican trip, as the date for the Hawaii trip had been changed, and if it took place at all it would be several months away, according to Jim. I had asked for my vacation at work and had already changed it once, and I had had to borrow the money from the bank. I was advised to write to Grace Stoen, head of the Finance Committee, but Leona and Janet were not sympathetic. I will consult Grace on Wednesday and perhaps Tim.

I took home a carload of young people who had been practicing for the next youth group entertainment. One girl could not get in her house, and I had to bring her back to the church. I then got three more riders.

I was home at 11.30. I pressed clothes while listening to “In Conversation.”

I read To the Finland Station by Edmund Wilson.

I went to bed at 2.30.