Edith Roller – August 19, 1975 – Tuesday

Transcript || PDF from 89-4286-HH2-52-53

I failed to lose any weight on the fruit juice and buttermilk diet, probably because of snacks eaten at bedtime and high calorie fruit,  such as watermelon.

I worked on a few odds and ends to get ready for Carol’s arrival.

I completed the weekend’s journal entries.

I had a long conversation with Lorraine. I wanted to find out when I could come over to see Ryn before she left. I told Lorraine I hoped to go to Mexico next week but that plans were not final yet. I didn’t give her any details on Dorothy’s escapade, but I told her I had had a misunderstanding with Mabs. We spoke in general about my unsatisfactory relationship with my sisters and their negative views about the Temple. Her advice was to refrain from bringing the topic up. She thinks they are concerned about my welfare.

Lorraine told me Beth and Rondal are getting a divorce. The principal cause of friction is Beth’s career ambitions. Lorraine said Rondal didn’t want her to work but is immature himself in not taking responsibility for supporting his family. Lorraine said she has not interfered but has never been enthusiastic about Rondal. I told her that I believed the traditional marriage relationship is not meeting present-day needs. I will see Lorraine and Ryn either this coming Friday or on 5 September.

I helped Valita out by typing a letter for her. She always looks wan and thin and worried (I suppose she has not yet learned anything definite about her suspected cancer). She is sometimes so busy that she eats a sandwich at her desk for lunch and yet she doesn’t find her work interesting. She told me she’d like to make a change but hesitates, as she is so new to the department.

At noon I saw the film in the employees’ film series, which was apparently a part of several called “The Reluctant World Power.” It was produced by the Department of State and had footage showing American history from World War I to the end of World War II.

I ate my lunch outside on the PG&E steps.

When I returned, Carol was in. Between phone calls and visitors she went through a great amount of paper which I had to route to file or other attorneys. Of greatest concern to her was a request from Mr. Johnson to get her personal account with Bechtel straightened out (the accounting office is always behind in recording transactions) and her last expense account done. The latter had been drafted and I was holding it for an additional item of information. I finished these two tasks.

I left for my appointment at the dentist’s at 3.45. The dental technician demonstrated to me again the correct procedure for brushing and flossing my teeth.

When I got home I exercised.

I prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Bertha Cavit called with my Temple message, the one I would have received last night had I been home. It did state that money paid for the Hawaii trip could not be applied to the Mexican trip.

I typed in my journal from 9.00 to 11.30. At the end I had difficulty with my typewriter ribbon which I had not put on the machine correctly.

Wanda Johnson called me, informing me that it had been decided that I could go on the Mexican trip.

I read Wilson for an hour.

I went to bed a little after 1.00.