Edith Roller – August 22, 1975 – Friday

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I put my time card in. Carol didn’t give me the information for hers and didn’t get it in today.

I still had not received my check. Payroll said they would issue another. Filling out the necessary documents consumed much time.

The secretaries took Carol to lunch at Louie’s of Grant Avenue, a Chinese restaurant. Nicci had made all the arrangements. There were about fifteen of us. We took taxis to the restaurant. My share for Carol’s lunch came to only a quarter. The others had a cocktail. I had grapefruit juice. We had about ten separate dishes and the food was excellent. Nicci had collected the money in advance. I paid $5.00, including Carol’s dinner and our share of the tip. My juice was 70¢.

Several of us walked back. The day was beautiful.

I received a substitute check. I finished packing Carol’s materials.

I said goodbye to Carol. She will be back in a month or two, as she cannot ship her furniture until she is certain about the house she is buying.

At home I washed clothes. I worked on my journal.