Edith Roller – August 3, 1976 – Tuesday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-11-15

Aside from one memo from Maggie, which I put on the ATS MagCard and ran off on one of the outside MagCard machines.  Marquita was using mine.  I had no other work all day.

I worked on journal entries.  Later on I continued typing excerpts from the CIA book.

Marquita: after she finished work on the MagCard, was put on the ATS by Dor, who instructed her in original entry.

At lunchtime Marquita and I ate our lunches in the assembly room where we looked at the film in the employees’ film series, a film on travel around South Africa was to be shown but it hadn’t arrived so we saw one concerning a Japanese businessman who established _______ research and cultural institute.

A little discussion of politics led to the information that Marquita is a Reagan republican.  She said her mother was a Democrat but she had always had a sympathy with Republican policies.  Dor was present, said she was a Republican too.  She made a reference to my being insulted by being called a liberal though I don’t remember my saying so.  She probably thinks I am a radical Democrat.  Dor has ceased talking about politics with me.

I helped Marquita make corrections in her document, delete and store it and was a little later in leaving the office.  However I caught a bus right away and got home earlier than I have recently.

I exercised.

I made curry with the steak which was left from Sunday, ate and washed dishes.

I was very tired and decided to proofread my journal section of 16th to 30 September, then press some of the clothes Claire gave me, take a bath and go to bed.

However, Dick Tropp phoned, wanted to bring around a letter for me to sign.  This was a long letter, mostly organized by Jim.  It was to the editor of a John Birch publication which had picked up charges against the Temple from a number of sources. Jim wanted me to sign it as a member of the church.  Dick and I discussed some of my reading on and experience in the CIA.

When we left, I finished my proofing, took a bath and pressed enough clothes for a week or so.

Didn’t get to bed until 1.00.