Edith Roller – August 6, 1976 – Friday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-21-27

Slept until 6.30 this morning and didn’t have any breakfast except a piece of cantaloupe.  Bought a doughnut which I ate at the office.

Got my time card in.

Coming in this morning, I made a reference about Dor to Marquita who responded she had had about enough of her domination.  “She nags and I won’t submit to it.”  She said she was thinking of quitting.  I took a few minutes to tell Betty Vasil about Marquita’s discontent.  She was non-committal, said my report helped her know how to handle the matter “when she comes to me.”  I felt she would back up Dor.

I was to start making corrections on the litigation report this morning but the system went down.

At 11.00 there was a demonstration of the MagCard II.  This typewriter has a memory. One can retrieve material, adding or deleting with ease and /or record on a card.  When the lease is up on the machines we have now, they are to be replaced by this machine.  At present we have one.  Dor said she wanted Marquita and me to take the course on its operation.

Marquita wanted to go to lunch with one of the girls and traded lunch hours with me.  I got on the computer and started revision of the litigation report.  Dor told me not to trade lunch hours any more with Marquita.  She said she intended to be very firm with her.  She needed discipline. I told her of some of my teaching experience when I have to make a choice between enforcing rules and allowing for the individuality of the student.  She said she benefited from my opinion but she thought the situation was entirely different.  It was up to Marquita to adapt to the company’s regulations.  If she didn’t want to another person to do the job could be recruited.

I finished the revisions of the litigation report.

I ate at my desk.  When Marquita returned I took the bus to the bank, where I had left my check book and check register.

In the afternoon, Dor informed Marquita to make corrections on the ATS computer.  She had done another part of the litigation report.

I was free all afternoon.  I did yesterday’s journal entry.  I had a $5.09 discrepancy in my bank balance and I checked over former bank statements but did not succeed in finding it.

Left work on time.  Got home at 5.00.

Packed for the LA trip.

Prepared and ate a quick meal, washed dishes.


Rob called at 7.45.

In the service there were the usual preliminaries.

Jim on podium about 9.10.

Told of indictment of black law enforcement officer Mitchell Ware [Chicago Police Dept, helped found NOBLE] of Justice Department for wire tapping.  Shows it doesn’t pay to play their game, in the end you get it.  He’s black without an organization.  Carter’s wife called Jim talked for 20 minutes.  Presidential candidate recognized power, but some in here don’t.

Jim just came from meeting with Chilean Ambassador.  He told of last days of Chilean government.  His own soldiers tortured him for 11 hours.  Jim saw _____ overthrown in Brazil overnight.  Thousands of people disappeared with in a matter of days.

Returning to ______  ______ ____ to point out necessity of attending regularly or “we can’t protect you when you need it.” You half-hearted assholes better hope that I get out of here.  Jim tired of disloyal people taking advantage of us,  One went to be an actor in Europe.

Not impressed with all those who call us.

Dr. Goodlett.  The Zionists after him. He wouldn’t be in such trouble if he were here.

Take note you are ____ ____ ____ ___ as long as you’re here trying it ___ ___ when you go out, you’re putting knives in the backs of my children.  I’m not going to die alone.

White actors.  No chance of being an actress in London.

We’re going show our power again in direct, volatile fashion in a very short time.

Sick and tired of finks, of blood suckers.  You’re pushing a wild animal, an animal used to a jungle in a cage becomes wild when poked.

If I show gentleness, there are some devils in here.

Those in the Redevelopment called today, wanting help.  Jim said I never knew you, you’ve been ripping off the people and now you’ll pay for it.

Referred to those who come wanting healing.

Jim took offering.  Great emphasis on commitment.

Questions.  Woman asked about advocate of reinstatement of whipping posts.  Used mostly for poor whites and blacks.  Answer: of course.

Emma Jurado. Can somebody takes a check from you without touching you?  She lost a check in a bank, suspects a white man standing near her.  Jim says stop payment. Asks someone to help her.

On legionnaire disease: Army experiment in germ warfare or people pretending to be leftists putting toxics in legionnaire food.  Rumor will be spread forth it was blacks.

Mercer has complicated ___ concerning ____ caused by young black woman riding with her wants to sue her.  Jim comments: don’t sue fellow member.

Altercation between 2 women, one ____ ___ eating at the church.  Old woman that new one had been eating  ___   Jim was hard on older member who was unkind to new member.  Former ____

Temple had holding period. [??]  Jim took another offering. Continued healing.

Meeting dismissed at 12.30.

I went right out to Rob’s car. When he came I got my belongings and put them on the bus.  Valysha found me a seat.

Ate my food outside.

Joyce Rozynko ___ ___ ___ she ___ have been changed. ___ ___ I had had she  ___ ___ __ ____ _ Is Liz the actress of whom Jim spoke?  ___ ___ of Harriet Randolph [Tropp], but Joyce had seen her.

I went to sleep before the bus left, about 1.30.

The buses left at 2.20.

I got up at the first stop and went to the bathroom,  Ran a little.  Helped Viola walk to the bathroom, as her bus was parked far away.