Edith Roller – August 8, 1976 – Sunday

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Got up about 8.00.

Breakfast: egg, bacon, toast, and an orange.

Earlene told me she had been unable for over 2 months to get from the nurses vitamins Jim told her to take.

Geneva Smith took us to the Temple at 10.00.

Jim was on the podium at 12.00.

Jim told us the semi in which Jack and Ellie Beam and Walter Johnson had had the accident and from which they came out uninjured was on display on the street near the church.  We should all look at it and realize what great power was shown in saving these people.

He also told us of Jesse Walker who was shot to pieces by the police after he had called them when he had called them when he saw thieves trying to steal his car.  They shot him instead of the thieves and told him he would die.  In the hospital he was given no chance, but he survived.  Later Jim called him out of his wheelchair and completely restored him.

Jim  took an offering.

The choir sang.

The little girls did 2 new numbers:  “Safety Place” and “We Don’t Like Oreo Cookies.”

Jim. Don’t use me in your marital arguments.  Don’t say, “Father says—.”  (to women) Don’t imply you have a romance with me.  I have made up my mind not to cause any more pain to black men than they already have.

Jim conducted a question period.  The first enquirer asked whether people should be encouraged to participate in the work by writing to the Temple if they don’t want to come to meetings.  Jim said no.

Jim: Black people own 42% of the property they had at the end of WII.  “I’m not staying here alive.”  They’re going to throw the white man out of Africa.  Then’s when you’d better watch out what happens to black men here when the capitalists can no longer exploit Africa.

Jim spoke on the subject of people who want to stay in LA.  When you walk down the street with your black son, you know how racist people are here.  They’re waiting to kill you.  Those who are mistreated are not limited to those with black skin.  When the revolution comes, it’s going to be all colors of the rainbow.

Malcolm, DuBois, Robeson show you can’t get educated enough to make them forget you are black.

Johnny Brown said people are refusing to get passports.  Some won’t turn their passports in to the Temple.

Question.  Why don’t the Russians trust Carter?  They don’t know much about him.  Jim: they know one thing: He believes in God and that Bible.  No one trusts anyone who believes in God.

Jim: Blacks in Africa are going to be free before the black here are.  I’d be glad to be tortured to have our brothers in Africa free.  When they’re free, blacks here are going to be put back in slavery, as the honkies are not going to lose their standard of living.

Question on Amin of Uganda.  Jim: Amin is one of the greatest men in Africa.  Smith and Vorster of Rhodesia and South Africa are the enemies.  You can’t believe the newspapers.

Question: Will the socialist countries be affected by depression?  Jim: It will be no danger to them; they don’t live on deficit spending.

Question: Is it possible that germ warfare is the cause of the legionnaire disease case?  Jim: Yes the police probably did it.

A young man who was released from Soledad prison by Jim expressed his gratitude.  Jim said that those who go out hurt the chances of such people.

Healings were performed.

Jim took another offering.

New members were admitted.

Jim dismissed the meeting at 4.00.

At the communal meal, the seniors’ line moved quickly.  I observed Lorenza Tucker going to the head of the food line and concluded she was barging in on the line.  I had my change of clothing in a paper bag.

The buses left at 5.30.

I read Radicalism in America.  Then dozed a little before we got to Buttonwillow at 8.00.

We had a long break, not leaving until 10.30.

Lorenza explained to me that she hadn’t pushed ahead in line (although I hadn’t confronted her, she had observed that I noticed her moving to the top of the line), that she had gone to wash her hands.  I said I was glad she hadn’t, as I couldn’t put up with cheating on places in the line.  She said, “I have to put up with a lot I don’t like.”  I replied, “No, we don’t, if it’s opposed to socialist principles.”

I ran.

I spoke to Irra Johnson about Earlene Watkins’ saying that she couldn’t get her vitamins.  Irra said the seniors got their vitamins every two weeks.  She didn’t know why Earlene said that.

I talked Patti Chastain.

Bus No. 10 broke down and the other buses had to take their chare of its passengers.  However, I had a window seat and slept quite well.

In spite of leaving late, we arrived at the next rest stop at 2.20. and we arrived at San Francisco at 4.00.

Christians took me home.

I unpacked.

Went to bed for half an hour.