Edith Roller – August 28, 1976 – Saturday

Transcription || PDF from 89-4286-C1-A3-103

Got up at 9.00.

Started to clean the apartment.  Did the vacuuming.

At 10.30 went up to the community coop and bought produce.  Stopped to tell Magnolia I’d like a ride with Brother Farris.

Listened to the Temple broadcast at 11.30.  Emphasis on human _____ printing out errors in the Bible.  Jim showed how dependence on the literal word kills , while the spirit makes alive.

Prepared a meal ate, and washed dishes.

Finished my cleaning.

I was unusually early and was able to lie down for a nap at 3.00.  I slept until past 6.00.  He early part of the day had been quite hot but the fog had come in when I got up.

I took care of a number of small tasks:  made out my check for my commitment to the Temple, got together other items I was taking to the Temple.

Magnolia called at 7.30.

When we got to the Temple, attendance seemed sparse.  Rides were being arranged.  Responses were down. ____ coming.  CJ had particular trouble getting a ride for a senior to Laguna Honda Hospital for treatment 2 days a week.

Norman took offering.  Jim entered on podium during it at about 9.30.

When Jim appeared on the podium some did not stand.

Numerous people have spit up or pissed growths in recent days, _____ were being prepared ____.

Jim led the congregation in singing and rejoicing.

He took another offering, interrupting it for more rejoicing, also finding items from the news to ___ ___ of international capitalism.

“Night and Fog” was shown.

After watching, service was dismissed about 12.00.

XX and Debbie Heneke and XX returned to the Temple tonight with the several children.  I spoke to them.  They have been in San Diego.  They are living in San Diego.  I gave June Crym for Tim the memo I wrote on Bechtel developments.

Judy Flowers asked me to take home Florine Dyson again.

Marshall Farris took us home.

Florine and I had some watermelon.

We went to bed at 2.00.