Edith Roller – August 30, 1976 – Monday

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Was late in getting up, so I didn’t get any breakfast.  Ate an orange at the office.

None of us had any work at the office.,  I worked on the week end’s journal entries.

There were various discussions throughout the day between Dor, Marquita and me.  One between Dor and me, starting with day care centers, became rather heated.  Her social philosophy is unusually reactionary.

I ate outside on the PG&E steps.  The weather was quite hot.

Bought a Muni card for September.

In the afternoon I practiced on the MagCard a little, using the instruction book.  Some principles I have not yet mastered.

At home.  __ __

Prepared dinner, ate, washed dishes.

Searched for my Temple membership card which I have lost or misplaced.  I couldn’t find it over the weekend.  I looked everywhere I could think of and still couldn’t find it.

Typed in my journal from 9.30 to past 11.00, finishing up 4 pages.  Dor’s son brought me a new adapter plug for the typewriter.  It works better than the one I had, which was loose.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 12.30.