Edith Roller – August 31, 1976 – Tuesday

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Again I didn’t get up until 6.30, put up my lunch but didn’t get breakfast, ate an orange at the office.

No work came in to the office.  Marquita had to make correction on the litigation report which she has been putting on ATS.

I worked on a past journal entry which I had never finished.

At lunch I saw the film in the employees’ series, “Without Warning,” which was about high blood pressure.  It was worthwhile but I thought the importance of diet and exercise was downplayed and medication, over-emphasized, probably because a pharmaceutical company produced the film.

I ate lunch quickly on the PG&E steps.

In the afternoon practiced on some MagCard techniques.

Lor [friend at SF State] called.  She said she had invited Barbara Peas to come on Monday to celebrate her birthday.  She said she planned for us to meet at Golden Gate Park.

At home did my exercises.

Prepared dinner, ate and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal from 9.20 to 11.00, finalizing 4 pages.

Started Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre.  Marquita had brought it for me from her public library.  Since she has to return it in 3 weeks, I started this instead of finishing the other two I am reading.

Went to bed at 1.00.