Edith Roller – October 2, 1976 – Saturday

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Got up at 8.00.

Rheaviana called and arranged to move me today.  She said she would be around with a truck and a crew about noon.

I packed all day.  Had one trouble. Some honey leaked in one of the boxes getting on most of the other cans and jars, on my clothes and even the rug.

Listened to Jim’s broadcast.

Ate a meal about 1.00.

Dick Tropp phoned and then came to see me.  He had 3 letters for me to write for the Temple.  One was to Dick Nolan, a  SF Examiner columnist, concerning something said about Jim by a Sun Reporter columnist, Tom Fleming.

I continued packing.  Rheaviana phoned again in the middle of the afternoon and finally called about 5.00 that she was on the way over with a pick-up truck in a few minutes.  I waited downstairs.  Ray Jones was driving.  4 young men, one of them Preston Wade, came to help.  They loaded everything quickly.  I was not even able to get everything nor sweep out and vacuum the place well.

Ray got off at the Temple and Rheaviana drove up to the Geary Boulevard apartment.  It is 1029 Geary, between Van Ness and Polk.  We parked in the alley.  Everything was put on the elevator and unloaded in my apartment, No. 47, which is on the 4th floor.  The boxes were put mostly in the closet in the bedroom.  Rheaviana gave me keys.

Though there was a Temple service, I didn’t go.  I dressed and went out about 7.30 and walked around looking at the neighborhood.  It seems an interesting and diverse area with numerous people on the street.  I ate dinner in a restaurant.  Had prawns with soup, salad, baked potato, peas and carrots, and tea.

I unpacked a few boxes.

Went to bed at 12.00.  I slept on the couch in the living room as my bed and room were too cluttered.