Edith Roller – October 6, 1976 – Wednesday

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Dor gave me no work to do today.  She spent most of the day on the computer herself, working on 2 items which she considered too difficult for Marquita and me.  One was another litigation report.  Butler has decided on another format which had to be worked, but in addition, the copy was difficult to work from.  The other item was a tale of contents to the Venezuelan metro contract, which Galbraith wanted in an unusual and time-consuming format.  Either of these items she could have shown us how to do, but Dor has a tendency not to delegate work.

Marquita did have an ATS job part of the time.

Dor told me Jim Cromin ___  who used to be responsible for the litigation report, was unhappy because it has been taken over by the legal department, who are having so much trouble establishing a suitable format.

I may buy a floor lamp and a half size mirror for the apartment and I got advice from others as to where I might get the former.  At noon, after eating my lunch at my desk, I walked up Mission to 3rd Street, where Kate Walker thought there were some second-hand stores, but I found they had only office furniture.  I was told, however of a lighting equipment store on Mission between 6th and 7th.   Kate offered to help me bring a lamp home if I found what I wanted, as she has a car.

When I got home tonight, I washed and mended my dress.  Started to the Temple for dinner and the Wednesday night meeting.  I got a ride with Tom Partak, who had brought Chris Kice down to stay with Elsie Ross who is ill.  When we arrived at the Temple, I found that almost everyone had left for the Democratic Rally at the Civic Center to watch the Ford-Carter formal political debate.

I was given a plate of macaroni salad, frankfurter and pudding, the first meal I have eaten as a communal member.

Got a ride with Claire Janaro who with several others had driven down from the Valley to the rally.

Sat with Doreen Greaves.

Crowd predominantly of common people. Cheered progressive statements.

Moscone presided.

Marcy was on platform.

Cecil Williams gave invocation.

John Tunney said a few words.

Willie Brown took up a collection.

Carter and party arrived about 8.30.  Governor Jerry Brown introduced Carter.

Rally ended 8.49.

Came back with Claire.  As I got in car was greeted by Betty Barclay who was going to offer me a ride.

Service at Temple.

Bob Christian handled rides.

Wesley Johnson gave announcements

I helped take offering.

Comments from service on events tonight contrasting Ford and Carter with Jim Jones.

Tape of Jim’s sermon.  I may not be good looking and I may not be intelligent businessman but I do know I am a worm in the honkeys’ ass.  Time is coming when it won’t be safe to be black in this country.  Minorities don’t last down through history.  They are wiped out and left to die on the desert. (apparently given in LA).

Mike Cartmell took another offering.

Marcy on podium about 10.45.  She tells of introducing her to Rosalyn Carter who introduced her to Jimmy.

Wesley took a count-down offering.

Marcy gave revelations from Jim.

Meeting dismissed at about 11.30.

Joyce Rozynko took me home with others.  She explained to me some of the procedures, such as getting lunches.  This one will give me some problems unless I can use a variation.

I ate some toast and jam and read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.30.