Edith Roller – October 11, 1976 – Monday

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Had only a short expense account to do for Mansfield and a power of attorney for Maggie on MagCard.  Nevertheless I didn’t even finish Sunday’s journal entry.  Marquita and Dor were doing some typing for one of the new attorneys.  His handwriting was hard to decipher and his grammar questionable.

I left about 10.00 for an appointment with Dr. Schaupp for my regular gynecological exam.  As Lor had told me, he has closed his Stonestown office.  He had found no problems.  I asked him about the advisability of my continuing to take premarin, in view of its supposed carcinogenic properties.  He thought the risk was outweighed by the benefits.

I ate lunch on PG&E steps. The day was quite warm.

Went directly to the Temple as I wanted to eat early and get home to work on my journal.  Many of the sisters were folding Temple newspapers for delivery.  Food service started about 6.00.  Had gone upstairs and gave Jean Brown information about a possible job opportunity for one of our girls as a Medical Assistant for Dr. Schaupp.  I had to wait for her to wait for corn bread to bake.

The meal was too heavy with starch, since there was a big helping of rice with beans.  I found it unpalatable.

Many of the young people left to distribute newspapers.

I gave to Dale Parks to give to Joyce Parks a note about what vitamins will be authorized for me, as I learned only vitamin C is supplied to all communal members without a revelation from Father.

When I got home I typed in my journal for 3 hours with a break to wash dishes.

I read newspapers and ate a salami sandwich.

Went to bed at 1.00.