Edith Roller – October 12, 1976 – Tuesday

Transcript | Annotation | PDF from 89-4286-C1-A5-34-35

Dor gave both Marquita and me a pro forma contract from Rita with annotated section which by an “edit” command can be excluded from the print-outs.  Marquita had done some of this annotation previously, but it was my first experience with it.  Dor is quite proud of the procedure which she says she adapted for the department’s needs from the basic instruction.  The 2 documents needed revisions which involved several different types of annotated entries, as well as the usual type of revisions.  I worked on this document 5 hours before and after lunch.  I then had about an hour’s work on a revision of a short Galbraith document.

Had very little time to work on journal entries.  Did yesterday’s entry.

At lunchtime I went to see a film in the energy series called, “The Road to Energy” with Bob Hope.  It was a Texaco film which showed various actions of the oil industry, the main effort being directed to telling the viewer how expensive it is to search for oil and that environmental considerations are always in the company’s mind.  At my lunch in the assembly room.

I intended to go home for a few minutes before going on to the Temple tonight, but it was well that I didn’t.  The family had arrived from the trip in the morning.  Large numbers were in the dining room and food service started about 5.45.  The meal was very good.

It seemed that papers listing our personal needs were to be turned in later but I didn’t want to wait.

I worked on my journal, finishing the typing of the 16-31 October 1975 section, proofed it.

Read newspapers.  Went to bed at 12.00.