Edith Roller – October 14, 1976 – Thursday

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In the office we worked on the Litigation Reports on the ATS.  Marquita had an original entry one.  I was revising one. At lunch time I went over to California Street where at the Chartered Bank of London the Magna Carta was being displayed.  This was the last day and there was quite a long line, but it moved fast.  I got several copies of the Magna Carta and of an amusing item on colonial days which I brought back for Dor and Marquita.

Dor had been holding herself in and the work went smoothly until the end of the day.  Dor left the room and I took advantage of her absence to call Lor whom I had been trying to get throughout the day.  Marquita sprang to my machine to try to help me.  Dor returned and was upset because Marquita had thought my material was original entry and had inserted unwanted material.

Dor said angrily, “Neither of you know enough to help the other.” Dor was shaking and her voice was edgy.  We finally decided to delete, store and end.  I was out 15 minutes late.  Saw Betty Vasil in the elevator and told that again I couldn’t get out of the office on time.

I went to the Temple to eat.

Washed clothes downstairs in the apartment building.  Talked to Jewel Wilson who has moved up from Los Angeles. Did personal and household chores and bathed.  Packed for the Los Angeles trip.

Read the newspaper. Intended to go to bed at 12.00, but I fell asleep in my chair and didn’t wake up until 1.00.