Edith Roller – May 10, 1978 – Wednesday

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After lunch at my adult reading class I continued evaluations of persons Jim had told to come to my class. I tested for understanding of news events. One woman, an elderly black, I found knew very little about Martin Luther King. She thought he was a “revolutionary” but did not know what he was struggling for. From the questioning I could not tell what led her to the Temple unless it was economic self-interest. She is able to read at least simple English. I tested several others on reading and found they were at least able to read from a children’s text book.

The first period class continued to read about space stations from a textbook, probably about the forth grade level.

In the second period class I returned the papers I marked and graded in the morning. Some students inquired about specific comments. I started a discussion on coordinate and subordinate clauses by reading a good example from Patricia Houston’s paper, then taking Regina Bowser’s paper which, although well written, had a number of short sentences. I wrote them on the board asking the students to combine them when possible.

Got my plate and went to the teachers’ meeting. Students against whom any teacher had a complaint were called in to discuss the matter. In these cases a decision is made either by the student to do better or by the teachers to mete out a penalty.

I went home and prepared for the women’s meeting which followed.

Women’s Meeting 
Thelma Jackson, Fairy Norwood, Beatrice Henderson had arrived from the states.

Mary Lou Clancey: talk on feminine hygiene.

Floor open to questions.

Eleanor Beam mentions compromising situation in which Anirta Greene was with Ronnie Sines. She tried to get tea for Ronnie. Situation also with Ron Darnes. Marcy: We don’t want another generation of women who are handmaidens to men. Feeling she uses the news to go to Dorm 1, she is to wear a dress with a sign: “I Help Oppress Women.” Also go back to dorm, because it was found she was not in the cottage after 11:00.  Said house supervisors should be sure their residents are in at 11:00

Pat Rhea missed security shift. She was asleep in Mark’s loft. She’s on three months relationship (without sex) with Mark. Admits she’s had sex without contraceptives. Marcy speaks firmly on the matter. Inez had said she had approved the relationship because she thought Pat might help Mark mature. Marcy doesn’t see her as mature at all. Proposed that she and Mark not see each other for two months. Referred to Relationship Committee for decision.

Tiny Turner (Solomon) for possible relationship with James Turner. Blistering attack. Washing diapers instead of having men do their share. Marcy says she’s getting back at her mother by not letting her hold the baby, preventing him from having one more person love him. Lois Ponts gives evidence on attitude of Eileen and Teddy McMurry. Shirley Marshall and companion Charles Marshall were also mentioned for a relationship which impedes women’s progress.

Marcy emphasizes necessity of washing breasts every time before nursing. Mother says failure to do this is causing outbreak of thrush.

Tiny too rough with the baby. Marcy: I have no respect for a woman who will let a baby suffer in order to keep a man. The men will be confronted in their meeting next week.

Connie Frohm, Estelle Railback, Toby. Accused by Estelle that Connie is in Rob’s loft.

Loreatha Buckley, Yolanda Brown and Alida Santiago accused of leaving dirty clothes around for others to pick up. Dirty kotex left around. Marcy speaks on those who resent this kind of discussion. We say we’re strong but we’re not strong if we don’t pick up her kotex.

Jim entered. Men have been admitting their attraction to men. Wonders what the commotion is about. He leaves.

Mother says she‘s tired and wants to give up leadership. Women don’t want to follow women.

Jann thinks we women don’t see ourselves as becoming educated. We’re failing the revolution when we don’t try to become educated. How do you expect to lead the revolution if you don’t become educated?

Carolyn Layton says many of us don’t assume leadership. They never worry.

Jim says he never trusts anybody whom he hasn’t tested. Come to terms with your sexuality. People who have played the roles we did, really do not tale the opposite sex. Have to work through to become comrades. We should be willing to share.

Marcy: There’s more to Loreatha’s hostility than what we’ve talked about. Loreatha says nothing. Marcy says sit down with some others and talk about what you like doing. Marcy objects to labeling people as “pissers,” “waiters” and so on, but [label them] by their names.

Jim warns against anyone who gives information on this meeting.

My check for April was given me to sign over it was for $244.20.

When the meeting ended we were told that curfew would be extended so that we could get our residences clean and the beds pulled from the walls so as to facilitate the work of the crew coming in tomorrow to spray for mosquitoes.

I was very tired and did not do much except help to pull my bed out. The others borrowed a broom and swept. I sat on my bed and read The Man Who Cried I Am.

The lights went out at 1:00.