Edith Roller – May 25, 1978 – Thursday

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We got up and had breakfast at 11.30. Then we returned to the pavilion for further discussion of our situation.

A new method of revolutionary suicide was tested in case we did not have time to use the potion alone. We would pack ourselves into particular buildings and these buildings would be blown up. The demolition material was tested.

The windmill which is being erected as a watchtower was discussed. It is intended to look like part of a children’s playground and whether this instruction was carried out was questioned. Jim suggested some changes. The device actually generates some electricity. Whether the structure could also be taken as a radar device from the air was discussed but it was decided that no one familiar with radar would be so deceived.

Many people were put on the floor initially some referred from the women’s and men’s meetings. Several were put on New Brigade.

Mention was made of Norman Ijames, who was going to get a piloting assignment which would allow him to visit Jonestown occasionally. Instead he had turned down a Georgetown job, had flown other routes at a good salary; we have not seen any of his money and he is reported to be involved in romantic affairs.

On the basis of many reports, including one written by me, Lovie Jean Lucas was put on the floor. She is seemingly well-educated, refined black woman whom I had heard declare her loneliness and lack of interest in Jonestown. She is a barber and had hoped to practice her profession in Georgetown. She said she had expected to travel. She didn’t know she was turning over her property and jewelry to the Temple and couldn’t get it back. Testimony from many others revealed her background as a maid for movie stars. She had then taken care of an old man whom she neglected. She stole some of his retirement checks and a diamond pin. Her house was filthy and her animals neglected and government action was even threatened. She admitted those facts only after Jim reminded the questioners she deserved the same treatment as the other senior (Oreen Poplin) had received last night and it was given to her. It was demanded she use her talents as a barber for the community.

Proposals were made that preparation for jungle warfare begins. Stephen will conduct classes. Jim asked for anyone who had suggestions to get on the floor. Among those who did was Annie B. Washington who had been a follower of Martin Luther King, Jr., but had never believed in pacifism. She had carried a loaded firearm with her.

In the evening Jim gave an hour and a half for dinner and rest. I ate and read the news on the blackboard in the library. I had been sitting during the meeting with my boots off and my foot was much better.

When the meeting was resumed, Jim told us contact had been made with Home Affairs Minister Mingo who had been meeting with others in the government. They had concluded they may have called off the arrests and may inform us in the morning.

We were dismissed at 12.00.