Edith Roller – May 27, 1978 – Saturday

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Yesterday Patty had asked me to lend her some sewing materials. I had just climbed up on my bunk and didn’t want to get down and open my crate. I may have later left my crate open with the lock and key on it. Later in the day I had missed my key, intended to hunt for it when I got home.

When I got home last night Patty told me as if she had just noticed it that I had left my key on the bed. I noticed me sewing materials seemed jumbled, but I thought I may have done it myself. It was late and I was tired. This morning I arranged my sewing materials and missed my card of needles. I immediately suspected Patty, went to the loft to investigate. On cursory examination I did not find the needles but did find a spool of thread which was mine. Irra and I had also both noticed that Patty when she came in yesterday had inquired “Irra?” as when her curtain is drawn, one cannot see if Irra is here.

I looked for Patty at breakfast and questioned her. She denied taking the needles or the thread. I arranged with her and Laura to meet with them both at the cottage when Patty finished school at 4.00.

I did my hand laundry, using Rita’s pail. Standing in the damp grass near the benches at the water faucet caused another blister to appear on my foot.

I worked on my journal.

Had lunch.

Took a shower.

The elementary, junior and high school teachers met at 2.00 in the school tent. Tom Grubbs talked about the learning process. It was abstract though interesting. I had to leave a little before 4.00 to meet with Patty and Laura.

Patty had come home early. She went through her belongings as Laura and I watched. She admitted nothing though I told of the evidence, pointing out that we would have hidden the stolen needles. Laura found another spool of thread among her belongings. She remembered seeing the needles and perhaps my key in the loft. Patty cried but denied guilt. Laura reminded her that Harriet had also missed blouses which she later saw Patty wearing.

I was supposed to talk with Annie B Washington about articles she had missed from her luggage but I didn’t have time. I went to dinner and on my return told the others in the cottage about the episode involving Patty. Harriet thought she was suffering from a psychological problem and when I wrote my report up I suggested counseling for her. I gave it to Sharon Amos, considered the best of the counselors. She, however, said she might be going soon to Georgetown.

Library notes stolen from Teresa. Jim called for them to be returned after the meeting under threat of paranormal punishment. Office hours and regulations given.

Jim: commitment of Guyana to Soviet Socialism. Burnham refused to accede to demands he stop refueling Cuban planes. Burnham told Kissinger to fly over and not land. Our liaison Mingo informed that Burnham will not accept International Monetary Fund money.  One rumor he is getting help from North Korea and East Germany. Amazing decision refused $1 billion. Explains Hunter episode. Charge against us was to bomb her hotel. US Embassy tells us we will have some hard times. Army is strong control, no danger of a coup. They transport us a military plane free of charge at no charge. Present attempt of US to kill us off economically, though Jim has assured we will eat. We’re low priority for invasion. We will get last energy. 300 of our people remain in the US. Problem is housing them. Senate Bill 1437 will pass. High in children and seniors. Most energies directed to medical care and caretaker functions.

All our chickens died today of Ariz disease with which they were infected in Florida.

(1) Housing, begin equipment for industries.
(2) Purchase of supplies and equipment here or in Trinidad. chickens, sawmill, electrical equipment.
(3) Sawmill – some personnel channeled to this from medical and education, etc.
(4) Bring additional people but needed for few months in US.
(5) Bricks. etc. to make money and help Guyana, and pull out of lethargy of some who don’t give a shit. In each program to get licenses necessary.

Necessary hard work and tightening belt. Time table presented.

High level conspiracy abroad greatest problem tying us up in court. Cutting us off from friends, activities will be stepped up even framing us. Considerations on who to bring. Hard to find industries to make money. Whether to use new boat to go to US in eight weeks, get purchasing agents in other places than US.

News: Norm Ijames coming few weeks. Been saving up so he can stay longer (sarcastically).

Jim called for discussion. Russ Moton confronted with charge of procrastination, didn’t do a favor for a man who has been very helpful (Jupiter head of Guyanese crews that work for us). Chaikin admitted fault for not pushing Moton. Jupiter most knowledgeable Amerindian in area, can find good stands of wood close at hand, finding sleepers (railroad ties) profitable.

Charlie Touchette suggests can spare some men from security to other positions where needed and replace with some women. Discussion by Jim of sex with reference to people who approach him.

Jerome Simon doing badly in field, transferred to medical department. Jim objects to this way of manipulating to get the job he wants. Settled by giving extra hours to him in medical.

Pauline Groot suggested a possibility to join electrical crew in medical. She is now working in chemical engineering. Charlie Touchette says what Chris Lund wants is three men to work on his crew to catch up so his present staff can plan for special equipment we will be getting.  Numerous reasons given for not wanting to release personnel which could help in electrical crew.

Somehow a great to-do about rags: whether to be used for toys, pillows etc to sell or to make varnish as Pauline Groot says she knows how to do. More material is coming form the States for sewing project given to us by Synanon. Decision to make varnish but also what we need for sewing until new material arrives.

Discussion on using new boat. Go to States for cargo and people and which route?

Using extra space in cottages. How many potential beds do we have left? Jim asks. Joyce Touchette says she’ll get figure.

Question of using aluminum in factories: too hot? No, not if ventilated. Jim asked which industries are sure money-making.  Mentioned: food such as cassava, sewing, printing.

Question of feasibility of using troolie. No answer. Can be used for temporary building. Do we want permanent buildings?

Sawmill: location, different points of view.

Show manufacturing Grubbs opposed except for repair because of source of leather. Photographic film, print processing. Don Jackson suggests mail order business.

Jim: Tim Stoen now preying on people. Told Verdella Duncan’s daughter that Verdella is starving; caused heart attack of Janaro relatives. It is necessary to do something about Stoen.

Jim spoke of the enormous costs we are incurring. If nuclear war is imminent, we will have to move all our people here at once.

Mark Wagner up for insensitivity to a person’s handicap. His attitude is bad.  He doesn’t want to do little things. Jim asks why the change in him, his relationship?  He was given a warning. Jim reverses the sentence because of two praises and attempt to appeal to his conscience.

Ben Robinson: case of personal vengeance for injury done to him. He brought up other day in sexual situation. Jim had ordered that amplifier be gotten for him in the band. He says he’s affected by love of Jim and Stephen. Jim’s analysis involves Ben’s homosexuality. Jim on softness: also the potential to care.  On Allende:  too trusting. Jim gave him a warning. He had all the signs on oppressing women removed.

Brian Davis on the floor charged with using a magnet to open book cabinet in library. He says he just seeing whether he could do it. Jim asked him whether he liked it here now. Bryan said he did.

Jim read from Senate Bill 1437 for benefit of those who want to go back to the US.

Jim gave Bryan a warning believing he meant no harm.

Jim released some from brigade. Michaeleen Brady said she had been on for two months, wanted to be released or some indication of when she could expect to be released.

Praises read, long list.

Meeting dismissed ten minutes until 2.00.  Jim had us go out with talking while listening to Victor Jara records.

I got to bed about 3.00.