Edith Roller – June 9, 1978 – Friday

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Missed my brown sandals this morning.  They have been removed from the rack on the porch. I hadn’t worn them for several days as on account of the rain; I’ve been wearing boots and thongs.

Had breakfast.

Went to the warehouse and was given another pair of sandals. They had few to choose from.

Worked on journal entries. I am behind on these.

Went to lunch.

In the adult class we practiced phonics, read from a story in the school reader. I read aloud a few of the papers from the class. We had a discussion on “Z” and I tried to bring out the main points.

Took my shower.

In the first period language arts class Tropp had a small portion of “Z” shown, then had the class write a summary of the film, suggesting questions which should be answered. The teachers have to grade their own student’s papers. Some of my students were absent and of those present few turned in papers. At the beginning of the second period class someone took my pencil. I tired to observe the pencils the students had. A number had long yellow pencils. Tommy Bogue had a Dixon Ticondaroga like mine but said he got it form Harold Bogue.

I read Identity of Yeats until going to eat and attending the high school teachers meeting at 6.00.

Today is the monthly anniversary of Lynetta Jones’ death. After dinner and before the rally people were escorted to her grave for a brief observance. I went just before the rally.

Jim’s tape of the news was played.

Jim gave us the political enlightenment test. He had ten questions prepared then gave thirteen more for extra credit. It was obvious he had not read the letter carefully as he was surprised himself at some of the questions. Jim let us write the questions down first but he did not give much time to answer them, and I could not come back to one I had left unfinished. However I thought I did well. Jim took the teachers’ questions to grade.

Congregational singing.

Agricultural reports (highlights)
Blakey working on compost pit

Mary Wotherspoon: Cassava. A cassava expert from the government is perhaps visiting the 13-18 June. Tina says the mill has flies, cats, rats and not particularly impressive. Can be cleaned up.  Needs extra help. In discussion, believed we should decide whether to send a representative to the cassava seminar.

Charcoal Production. Jack Beam said a bigger brick kiln is being built.  Jim spoke on a trading policy with government officials. We give them help and they give us help. Jack told of a new cement made of sulfate-based waste material stronger then ordinary cement.

Jim spoke of contract government already had for charcoal. We could participate. Charcoal is in demand for export. Discussion on apparatus needed. Johnny Jones and Jack Beam discuss most profitable way to manufacture charcoal and the public relations result of helping the Guyanese government.

Soap Factory. Etta starts manufacturing soap tomorrow. Rheaviana says we have all that is necessary for making shampoo, hair oil perfumes, deodorants and toothpaste.

Don Fitch says horse cart coming along gracefully.

Safety Committee report.  I reported on finding nails in boards.  Report that people making alterations in lofts without permission. They will be inspected for safety. Many other safety hazards around.  Safety on playing equipment for children and negligence of supervisors.  If one is a supervisor in an area which has such a hazard, the supervisor will be on New Brigade.

Warnings: Sue Jerram [Noxon] gained 10 lbs in 2 wks. She eats out of garbage cans. Her compulsiveness discussed with Marcy taking the lead. She will meet her tonight with a committee and try to arrive at a solution.

New people report out first impressions, good and bad. Florine Dyson couldn’t wait to get here, says food gives her problem but she’ll get used to it. Sanchez [?] a man having been out a year came back, appreciates everybody, Gloria Rodriguez, Estelle McCall, young girl, Robin Tschetter, felt at first her head wasn’t where everyone else was. Rose McKnight pretends to be ill to get out of work, gets a warning.

The socialist teachers met after the rally. Jann was putting the acceptable answers on the chalkboard. Some wanted to take and grade the tests then, but most did not. We copied the answers form the board.

I didn’t get to bed until 12.30.