Edith Roller – June 10, 1978 – Saturday

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Did my laundry borrowing Rita’s tub. The weather was clear in the morning but very humid. Rain fell a couple of times during the day and my laundry barely got dry before evening.

Went to lunch.

I was tired and did not feel well. I have not had any appetite recently. I tried to take a nap, dozed a little. Stayed in bed a good part of the afternoon. Eleanor Beam, Ann Edwards and other young people played a tape of rock music all afternoon. I didn’t mind at first but it began to get on my nerves. I suspected the tape recorder was one used at work in the dispatch office but I did not see it.

Our cottage was scheduled for counseling at 6.15 but several people did not come and our case was dismissed. I suspect the session was initiated by Irra who has been much disturbed at the appearance of the cottage. Jim had given instructions that our living quarters be beautiful so that they can be shown to guests. Irra and Inez also have been persistently distressed at Laura, who leaves her belongings on the spare bed and at Eleanor and Sophia Casanova who don’t keep theirs in good order.

Took a shower.

Spent a little time writing journal entries.

Had dinner.

A videotape of a film on the CIA ship[?], “The Condor”, was shown, but I didn’t see it. At great expense a new videotape machine has been obtained for us, but it broke before the film was over. I heard from Irra.

I read Identity of Yeats.

The political enlightenment teachers were to meet at 7.00 to grade papers but this was not necessary. I found, as most of the teachers had taken papers last night. Jann had devised a scale to give an advantage to very young people and to seniors. A call was issued for people to help seniors who hadn’t taken the test last night and were taking it now. I went to the rice tent to help. Rob Christian was giving the tests. He went very fast and was impatient. There were few to work with the seniors who needed help. I worked with two in particular from the ones I talked to. I judged ignorance of the topics was widespread among them.

I went home, read a while, went to bed at 11.00.