Edith Roller – June 13, 1978 – Tuesday

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After breakfast I found that my thongs had been picked up and were in the keeping of the library staff.

I worked on journal entries.

Went to lunch.

In my adult class I gave phonics drill first, then the class continued discussion of “Z” with Christine Young conducting it, taking the names of people who participated. Lori was not present. I was told she had had a heart attack. I had to handle all the chores she usually takes care of: passing out paper, pencil, books and taking the roll. The attendance was large and I was I late in getting away as there were many people with questions just before the socialist test.

Took a shower.

Stopped at Edith Cordell’s cottage. I had arranged for Edith to cut my hair.

In the first period class we discussed “Z”.

I read Identity of Yeats in the pavilion, then had dinner and went to the teachers’ meeting.

The news items which had previously been posted on the board in the dining area have been moved up to the cottage area, probably to avoid congestion. I read the news, got my pillow and clipboard and returned up to the pavilion for the rally.

The tape of the news was played.

A broadcast. Jim tuned in and watched. Afterward he commented on lack of sympathy for people suffering.  Don’t think people do well with routine living. Canadian visit today. Wanted help us financially. We are in period of upswing here.

Jim asked people to tell us what is wrong with the community.  Selika brings up question of clothing distribution from warehouse.  Needs Committee is not functioning Warehouse will not honor any request without authorization from Needs Committee. Shirley Smith will head Needs Committee.  Ruby Carroll showed the articles saved out of scraps. Next up is food waste. Charges about distribution of certain foods such as: meat, unfairness, conscious or unconscious, shortage of dishes, glasses, and silverware. People take them away.  Jim urges constant attention to theft.  If it continues, call Internal Security.  There were many details concerning food & service of food, courtesy at the serving window and discourtesy in children.

Building plans displayed. Jim said his plan for cottages was eventually four to a cottage and would have now if it had not been for Stoen and the conspirators.  Dorms will be ideal for libraries and schools.

Agricultural reports. Moton says Mexico wants us to experiment with high protein corn, distribute it in Guyana. Jim mentioned Canadian offer again. He was told Trudeau actually a Socialist. Jim spoke of capitalistic, bureaucratic hangovers in Guyana but the government had stood back of us. Customs let us get away with all kinds of exemptions. We are negotiating with Soviet Union in case of new emergency. Now is the time when it is quiet. Soviet has to look at us very carefully – a thousand church folk and they are all communist!

Agricultural Reports
Chickenry: Robert Gieg.
Jim says report of losing chickens by pre-injection at source not true, as other people who bought chickens at same place did not suffer loss. Our chickens could have died because of poison in the chicken house. 800 chickens lost. Fixing responsibility for whole episode subject of long discussion. Jim says Cubans nearly went under because of lack of concern.  We must get over this.

Small animals: Male duck is attacking other animals; may have to lock him up. The female had been sitting on eggs for three weeks.

Senior gardens: Selika says rains washing seeds away so no produce from gardens.

Insecticides: Ernestine Blair says rats are in cottages. Jim says that’s what bringing food in does. Have to watch babies. One of the female cats had adopted an opossum.

Request to go back to chain saw for cutting timber. Big demands for wood. Jim very apprehensive, insists on closest control. He said he has made no provision in the budget for it.

Extra classes for those who failed socialist test. Who did poorly: 3 hours one night, 3 hours next night.

Jim read names of those who failed socialism test; have to attend socialism class 6 hours.  3 hours, one night and 3 hours, the next. There were 218 excellent and near excellent.

Martin Amos:  Two cases of using violence on the playground. He admits his mother Sharon Amos, leaving for Georgetown is the reason. Jack Beam is his substitute parent. Grubbs says he’s aggressive and irritates other children and they retaliate. Jim gave him a warning for one day. He must set a good example tomorrow.

Willie Malone:  Pushed Carol Kerns. He is in a supervisory position. Lee Ingram said there was no excuse for resorting to violence over a dispute about cookies. He’s to be on New Brigade. Carol Lendo insolent on New Brigade but improved last 3 days.

Rally out about 12.30. I was in bed by 1.00.