Edith Roller – February 18, 1978

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18 February –1978 Saturday
I spent a couple of hours this morning retyping the Jonestown Medical Report which had been corrected by Larry Schacht.

Shampooed and put a dark rinse in my hair.  I forgot my towel at one time and another my bottle of rinse and had to go back for them. The sun was hot.

Went to lunch at 12.00.

Did my laundry in the shower room and hung it up on the line back of our cottage.

Diane’s group of nursery school teachers were meeting in the cottage when I got back. They were evaluating the children for a report tomorrow.

I sat on my bunk and worked on journal entries from about 2.00 to 4.00.

Took a nap for about an hour.

Jim called for the water bucket brigade early today.  Though there had been a brief shower, it was not enough. I went down at 5.00 but the watering didn’t continue for long, probably because Jim may have wanted dinner started so that the Rally would not be late in starting.

I went home to change my shoes and get my clipboard and water cans. It is necessary for me to fill them on most of my trips to the central area so that I will have enough in the cottage.

I got a good seat at the rally, next to a woman who kept her eyes closed most of the time. When aroused, as she was countless times by the guards, she protested that she had an eye infection and wasn’t asleep.

Before rally: Jim spoke on public address system before he entered.

Vernon Jordan, National Urban League attacked Carter, black unemployment  ___ %. Milwaukee highest jobless rate 39.8 %   white 5.2%.  Younger trying to get 53 blacks on death row executed. North Carolina governor denied pardon for Wilmington 10. Carter Attorney General refuses to look into situation.

Loretta Brown who went out, coming back.

FBI network uncovered in China, 5000 spies recruited. Lee Harvey Oswald shown to be in pay of FBI. Gerald Ford used to further Warren Commission’s Report. Hoover had something on every government official.  Webster nominated as FBI director is member of Veiled Prophet Society.  Belongs to all white chiefs connections with Ku Klux Klan. Pioneer Foundation gave grants to prove race inferior. Shockley & Jensen received grants. Mark Rudd convicted though he got impunity to colleagues.  Supreme Court supported South Carolina teaching system which excludes most black teachers. National Socialist white party has units  in X states.  Black representative in networks cut back to 2%.

-Los Angeles police on killing spree.
-Joan Little granted bail but support dwindled to nothing.
-San Quentin went on strike protesting prison politics. Two day strike achieved nothing.
-US major arms supplier of dictatorships.
-South Africa tortures blacks squatters community destroyed. Ford decided he would stay and maintain investment.
-Mozambique restricts banks to keep control of finances.
-Tanzania youth who refuse to participate in manual work get three years sentences.
-Blacks want to emmigrate from Great Britain.
-Ethiopia and Somalia are in life and death struggle.
-Proof of US involvement in Somalia.
Apocolypse Now (film) banned due to Army influence on Vietnam.

Rally starte

Patty’s report.

Child Irvin Perkins in crisis: “Oh boy, I’m off the learning crew.” Woman who wanted to go to Berlin went on to account of time in Georgetown where group planned to go out in boat and sink it. She terrified of death.

The Misfits: “Sitting on the Toilet Stool”, “Go down Moses.”

Agriculture meeting.

On week’s report Jim wants comparative percentages from week to week.

Reports from gardens including seniors.

Jim said cassava used in production of bauxite. Should revise cassava plans, increase. Starch used, extremely refined. We can’t refine it. Aluminum industry. We should be aware of all things that are vital to Guyana economy. Ujara says they have a cassava mill in Port Kaituma, not working.  Jim: Make survey of Guyanese economy. Antin33 kills bees that are eating wing beans.

Tommy Beikman regained complete use of arm. Jim: keep calm.

Julie Guevarra (Cordell) read in book that fertilizer is needed for young bananas.  Banana flower is esteemed as vegetable in Far East.  Children who get involved (ask questions or give information) will get special treat. Ton of peanuts per acre.  Make sorrel, sweet drink. How is pyramid coming? Keeping peanuts dry, haven’t been pushing. Jim: push. Questions on brick-making. Manganese mine 30 minutes from here.

Jim: Dynmally coming March 1. Interested in Tim Stoen being a transvestite. Didn’t think it wrong to father a baby for the cause. Manganese used for hardening roads. Mixed with steel for abrasive resistance. Jimmy Inghram has made some inquiries on working manganese mill or manganese steel.  Marie Lawrence says Don Beck can do some research on minerals at Berkeley.

Clara Johnson insists on her children coming home. The four want to stay here. Grandmother wants to stay. Jim pledges to stand by them. All of age or will be before case is through the courts. She thinks she’s in love with somebody outside.

Question on tanning shark hides. Someone can work on the problem.

Jim says Johnson affair part of the harassment. All the enemies will unite. Jim hunts a husband for the girl. Finds one, 17, with a trade.

Jim: Foreign Minister coming in with Minister of Education tomorrow.

Report of herbal committee. Several investigations being carried on.

Jim: Medlock suit, behind it is Clara Johnson.

Jim: Report food going out of kitchen in day of crisis. He complains of food being designated for him (cucumber sandwiches and cheese sandwiches on a day we are getting ready to die.) Demands equality.

Jim in virtual captivity. Trouble with pain of tooth. Protect tongue. Takes Agnes to task. Jim talks about those who are overweight. Giving food to those who are overweight. Some individual instances were brought up. Sylvester Fair cited as one who takes extra foods. Jim says not fair. Medical bills he has to pay. Mary Coleman now has many problems. She wouldn’t have most of them if she’d kept weight down.

Back to herbs. Shirley Fields

Smokehouse: Brother Eartis Jeffery Can’t get the wood because only one tractor. Jim wants smokehouse to continue. Offer to take tractor on a half day tomorrow. Volunteers are going.

Jim insists on getting rid of roosters we don’t need.

Ron Gieg: chickens, 440 ready to be slain. We have lost 60 of the babies. Jim goes back to chick pipping. Woman who helped pip says co cut beaks too short. Chicken business being ruined by cold weather in states. By radio offer to sell hatcheries. Jim orders 3.

More on chicks. Jim orders that dealer make good 200 chicks. Leave them unbeaked. Keaton suggests culling hens, getting rid of those who aren’t laying. A discussion on breeds.  Difference of opinion over Leghorns & Rhode Island Reds, layers or broilers. As far as Jim can see left undecided.

Last of reports put over.

Jim six churches lined up to take our musical groups. Jim says have to have at least one family member here.

Recommendations for learning crew: Gabriel Dennis. Jim: Teachers get to together on isolation. Sue Jerram (Noxon). Pauline Groot, for showing resentment to small child. Janet, to go with Ruby Carroll. Don Fields, off learning crew.  Insists on running.  Jim asked for him to be checked over. He is to go back to pharmacy.

Tad Jensen [Schroeder], April Klingman, Dietrick Porter, Jerry Parks, Nancy Carrol [?] to Learning Crew. Toddlers, too much permissiveness, Jim says. Irra Johnson thinks Diane Lundquist too soft on children and other teachers follow her pattern. She should be replaced.

Praises given.

Outrageous fuel bill. Recommend tractor use. Use the large horse instead.

Meeting ended at 1.00 I looked around for Shirley Hicks and Don Jackson with whom I had been asked to help with a skit about Guyana history.  When I did find Shirley, she said it was too late.

I went home and went to bed at 1.30.