Jonestown Affidavits

One of the methods employed by Peoples Temple to argue their case from the distant land of Guyana was to produce official affidavits describing events that they witnessed – like Jones’ healings or the misbehavior of defectors – and then have them notarized. Many of these were intended to be sent to courts or media outlets to prove the good works that the group was engaged in. These affidavits vary in length, content and quality, and many would not stand up in a court of law. The following affidavits are just a sample of the hundreds written and attested to by the Jonestown settlers.

Healing Affidavits

Chris Cordell – healing of brain injury – Transcript | Annotation | 89-4286-FF3-20

Resurrection Affidavits

Mary Tupper –┬áJones raised her mother from the dead – Transcript | Annotation | 89-4286-FF3-19