Luckhoo Meeting – April 13, 1978 – Transcript

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Sharon Amos

LUCKHOO 13/4/78 (Debbie, Sharon, Mike)

-asked him what would happen if it went against us, what would happen before an appeal/ said we absolutely wouldn’t compromise on this but want to know/ told him we’d rather die than have the child taken etc.

-he said that if they decide against us, he would ask for a stay of arrest orders, nobody ever turns such a thing down/ I asked if it was a legal thing or just precedent/ he said it was precedent/ he’s never known it to fail, it’s granted authomatically (I asked a couple of tiems agout this)

-regarding the possibility in a loss of the case that the arrest order against JJ could be activated/ he said the case is not against JJ/ it’s Joyce who has been intervened/ JJ is *** a party to it Joyce can always say, “I don’t have the child”.

-the Marshall will not execute any orders because the registrar told Luckhoo this

-the court could have **ed a long time ago on this if they wanted it activated

-they see stymied (Sto**), as no order is being served

-regarding: could he delay for a long long time. the judge/ he said the judge must eventually give a decision/ he should give it before the end of the month but if he doesn’t Sir ****el will speak to him/ Sir Lionel could go to the Chancellor or the Chief Justice if something isn’t doen

-if they wanted to do anything, Sir Lionel felt they would do it now but the Registrar said he was told told by the Chief Justice not to serve the papers

-regarding possible pressure on the case, he pooh-poohed that/ said “no-one has even asked me about the case” it’s “forgotten”

-he said we were unnecessarily concerned

-said re immigration that he doesn’t know about that order to stop John/ Sir Lionel said he himself ***Idn’t f get the info

-first he said that order would have had to come from Fred Wills/ later when I said it might have been cent and cam from Shahabadeen, he didn’t argue that

-he said “no-one is interested in doing anything to hurt you”

-he said he hasn’t seen *** PH in 3 weeks

-he doesn’t think the Stoens will come here