Notes on April 13 Luckhoo Meeting – Transcript

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LIONEL LUCKHOO                                                                             DEBORAH TOUCHETTE

AFFT W/ SHARON AMOS                                                                 APRIL 13, 1978



  • Lionel said if the answer was “no”, in favor of Stoen, he will aske for a stay of execution on the arrest order.
  • He said the orders are there they can do anything they want to.
  • said no, this is not a case against Jim Mones. Touchette has intervined, he doesn’t know how they have an arrest order. Jim
  • is not a party to the child, said Barnwell won’t give any orders.
  • said there was no written law that states he has a limited time to give a decission, but he can be pressured through the registure.
  • Sharon asked if anything could be done if Jim came to G/town and someone saw him who was a rep. of Hass, or didn’t like Jim?
  • Lionel said nothing could be done. The registure General has been instructed not to serve anything.
  • Lionel said he didn’t know about the order of not being able to take the child out, said the order could only have come from Min. Fred Wills.
  • He said “I don’t think theres anyone at all interested in hurting you in Guyana.
  • Sharon ref. to pressure of black outs, would there be pressure on us?
  • I don’t know, I haven’t seen the P.M. in three weeks, I don’t think so, but I don’t know.
  • Lionel said we were making ourselves too important, people weren’t as worried about us as we thought.


Luckhoo was irritated at the questions asked.

I think it’s because he not use to having his opinion questioned soo throughly, we ask the same questions over again. (out of concern and necissity) and because we don’t pay a greater amount of money he shows impatients in giving us his time. Mike Prokes felt Sharon was to pushy in asking questions, but I don’t feel she was.  We wouldn’t have gotton any answere if we didn’t probe. I thought she conveyed concern, but was not confrontative.  Mike argued the point alot, disagreed with me on this.  He pointed out that Luckhoo didn’t even say goodbye. (someone came into the office as we were leaving and Lionel was talking to them and didn’t acknoledge Mike Prokes good bye)  I don’t know if he heard him or not, but I thought we should do something for him, like take him some scotch, or some baked goods to his home because the man was irritated and I don”t think we can afford for him to get hostile against us?

(We didn’t ask the same questions over and over in this meeting, but asked questions that had been asked in previous meetings)