Paula Adams Diary – August 4, 1978 – Annotation


Aug. 4- Paula Adams Homepage


  1. Frank Noel, Secretary of Guystare (?), was arrested today for a foreign currency violation and accepting bribes. He was picked up by the police and taken to jail. He was sd to have issued import licenses which enabled 10 to 12 businessmen to draw bank drafts on the coop bank on bogus imported goods. The goods were ordered, they got the drafts directly in their hands and cancelled the orders and deposited the draft in a foreign bank. One businessman said he gave Noel a car as a gift for his favors. Noel called Rex McKay to ask him to defend him. McKay called Burnham and asked if he should. Burnham said no, then asked McKay and Lio Luckhoo to do the prosecutions on behalf of the state. They will probably do all the big scandal prosecution. Noel offered McKay $50,000 retainer. Civil servants don’t make that kind of money so he obviously got it from some where.