Paula Adams Diary – August 7, 1978 – Annotation

Aug 7, 1978- Paula Adams Homepage


  1. The new Minister of Trade, Joe Tyndall, is a personal friend of Mann’s. Mann’s wife and children stay at Tyndall’s when they come down to Guyana. Tyndall was offered the post as Trade Minister in 1968 but turned it down. He didn’t want the strain of a ministerial post. Mann said he can’t afford to take that job. Tyndall’s last job was acting Secretary General of Caricom Secretariat. It gave him the same privileges as a Head of State with benefits of no income tax, all imports were duty-free, free house, free car, food and travel allowances, and a big salary. This in effect is a step-down for Tyndall who is a Aulforae (?). The Secretariat includes the whole Caribbean but is headquartered in Guyana. Mann s[ai]d Tyndall has a big expensive house he is paying the mortgage on and a lot of debts. Mann s[ai]d the P.M. must have really pressured him to get him to take the job.

Tyndall drives a Mercedes Benz.